No shock-wave in the German pig market


German pig prices have remained unchanged this week despite the discovery of African Swine Fever (PSA) disease in farm animals.

Posted on Jul 23 ,06:25

No shock-wave in the German pig market

The recent discovery of African Swine fever in three German pig farms had no echo in the domestic pig market. Prices for German pigs were the same as last week, at 1.42 euros a kilogram of slaughter weight, according to Germany's animal husbandry association, VEZG. The last case was confirmed over the weekend on a backyard farm, while the first two were reported on an organic pig farm with 200 animals and a small farm in the eastern state of Brandenburg.
Previous cases have been found only in wild animals, with 1,267 confirmed so far in wild boar in the Brandenburg area. Brandenburg borders Poland, where the disease is widespread. "I think the unchanged hog prices show that the discovery of ASF on German farms was not really a critically important event for the market. The farms were in the eastern part of Brandenburg, where it has already been found on a large scale in wild animals, so there hasn't been any significant change in the restriction zones used to fight the disease," mentioned Tim Koch, meat analyst at German market consultancy AMI, for Reuters.
Brandenburg is not one of the important pig producer states in Germany and the production will not be impacted by this outbreak. At this time, Germany's domestic pork market is struggling with a lack of demand as restaurants and large events that generate demand for meat have not yet returned to normal with the continuing uncertainty about the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

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