Norway: Meat consumption decreased slightly last year

New figures show that meat consumption fell by three per cent in 2022, but overall consumption has been stable over the past 15 years.

Posted on Nov 09 ,00:10

Norway: Meat consumption decreased slightly last year

In total, the calculated consumption was 58 kg per person in 2022, which is a decrease of 1.8 kg from the previous year. The consumption of red meat fell by 4.6 per cent, while there was an increase in white meat of 1.4 per cent. 

"Since 2007, Norwegian meat consumption has been fairly stable. But there has been a shift from red to more white meat. Since 1990, the consumption of red meat has increased by 3.9 kg per person, while the consumption of white meat has increased by 12.7 kg. In 1990, red meat accounted for 87% of consumption. Today, this figure is 70%. The decrease in consumption can be due to several reasons. Changed private finances and reduced purchasing power for many, combined with higher meat prices, are probably the most important. But the decline can also be seen in the context of an increased focus on health and climate issues which are often linked to red meat", says Karianne Spetaas Henriksen, Head of Department at Animalia.

"There is a lot of attention around meat consumption and how the figures change from year to year. Major changes between individual years are not always real, but are often due to the fact that meat that has been produced and placed in cold storage is not necessarily consumed in the same year, but it is still registered as consumed in the year it was produced. This can lead to apparently larger changes in annual consumption figures", says Spetaas Henriksen.

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