OG REDaPORC: Biosecurity as a tool for antibiotics reduction


The REDaPORC Operational Group led by the Spanish Inter-professional Agri-Food Organization for White Pork (INTERPORC), is one of the major commitments in terms of biosecurity in the sector to obtain a reduction in the use of antibiotics on pig farms.

Posted on Dec 02 ,10:51

OG REDaPORC: Biosecurity as a tool for antibiotics reduction

In order to achieve this, we have set three main objectives. Firstly, to identify and characterize the main risk factors for the consumption of antibiotics, whether in biosecurity or diseases on farms. Secondly, to develop a voluntary digital platform where each farmer will be able to register their farm data and obtain personalized reports. And, finally, to maintain the highest standards of awareness and excellence that the white pork sector already has in this field.

At the moment, we are working with companies, various organizations and national collaborating agencies in 350 farms to identify and characterize the most important risk factors for antibiotic consumption and the biosecurity markers in those facilities.
Based on the data obtained, a voluntary digital platform has been developed where these data will be recorded, combining it with other databases. In this way, each farm will be able to compare its data with other equivalent ones, obtaining extremely valuable information on its critical points, biosecurity risks and areas for improvement to obtain a reduction in the use of antibiotics.

In other words, the sector will have a precise tool for decision-making that will allow to maintain the high levels of excellence in biosecurity, management, design and operation which demonstrates today.
REDaPORC has a total budget of 385,549.82 euros. Its execution is entirely paid within the framework of the 2020 Call for Operational Groups of the Agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI). It is 80% financed by the European Union, through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). OG REDaPORC is responsible for the content.
The General Directorate for Rural Development, Innovation and Agri-Food Training (DGDRIFA), as the managing authority, is in charge of the application of the EAFRD aid and the financing of the corresponding national aid.

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