Ocean Fish targets an increase in exports


Over the last twelve months, Romanian producer has modernized its factory and opened a new one in the Republic of Moldova.

Posted on Oct 14 ,12:04

Ocean Fish targets an increase in exports

Ocean Fish, the largest Romanian producer of seafood, is targeting the EU market after a series of investments that increased the production capacity of the plant in Romania and opened the Moldavian market for its products. The plans to gain a larger market share in the EU market were presented by Alesea Brînzilă, Vice President and Brand Director of the company, during Anuga 2019.
"This year's edition of the Anuga trade fair was extraordinary. We had a lot of visitors, mostly from Europe, and they look amazed to discover that Romania has a large producer of fish products and seafood. We already had 10% of our production exported to the European market but we hope to increase that ratio", she explained in an interview for Euromeat News.
Over the last 20 years, the company has invested more than €20 million in production units, cold storage facilities (15,000 tonnes capacity). The latest investment was meant to increase the range of fresh fish products and to expand the processing facilities for seafood, along with modernizing the MAP packaging lines.
"We see a clear trend favoring the consumption of fresh fish. In the Republic of Moldova, we built a plant with a total investment of €5 million and by now we are the leader of the sector in that market too. Competing in some markets against producers such as Norway, Scotland or Ireland it's a delicate subject for us as long as everyone knows that the salmon consumed in the European market come from these countries. Nevertheless, I do believe that we can offer the same quality of processed fish for a better price", she added.
Over the first nine months of 2019, the company had to adapt its range of products for the Romanian market as new trends have emerged here. "We gave up on some products, who's sales volumes were flat, to enlarge our range of fresh products. We try to keep the pace with consumer's desires and this year we can even talk about a passion for Norwegian fish products in the Romanian market, processed in our factory, of course", explained Mrs. Brînzilă.

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