PERDUE releases Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings

Now available in the USA, PERDUE’s new Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings, available in Roasted, Hot N’ Spicy and Lemon Pepper varieties, are the first ever at-home wings specifically formulated for air frying.

Posted on Dec 15 ,00:05

PERDUE releases Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings

Packed with rich flavor, the new offering is mess-free and allows you to prepare restaurant quality wings quickly and easily at home.

To celebrate the release, for a limited time and limited quantity, the number-one brand of fresh chicken in the U.S. is giving wing lovers the best way to wing with The Ultimate at Home Wing Kit. Featuring everything you need to conveniently make crispy and delicious wings at home, including a brand-new air fryer, 100 limited-release kits are available for just $10—less than the cost of an average takeout order. Say goodbye to cold, soggy takeout wings!

"When ordering takeout, many of us have experienced the disappointing bite of not-so-crispy wings. Knowing 75% of households in the U.S. have air fryers, Perdue saw an opportunity to create the first of its kind chicken wing uniquely made for the air fryer, conveniently delivering the crispiest wings in just 16-18 minutes", says Cody Walter, senior marketing manager at Perdue Foods. "To end the takeout vs. at-home wing debate, we wanted to show wing lovers the best way to wing is at home, and with an air fryer. That’s why we’re offering 100 limited-release Ultimate at Home Wing Kits for less than the price of a standard takeout order, so you can skip takeout and enjoy crispy wings at home, anytime - whether it’s for football game days, upcoming family and friend gatherings, or a mealtime favorite".

The kit includes a package of each new wing flavor, a four-quart air fryer, a “Crispy Business” apron, one pair of tongs, a tote bag, and a coupon redeemable at participating retailers.

Like all Perdue products, Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings are made from chicken raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids, fed an all-vegetarian diet and raised cage free. Packed with rich flavor and so crispy that it’s hard to believe they were made at home, Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings are available in three delicious mouthwatering flavors:

  • Hot N’ Spicy Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings are a burst of fiery flavor. Coated in a paprika-based bold spice blend, these wings are sure to test your tastebuds.
  • Lemon Pepper Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings offer a savory and tangy bite with zesty undertones from lemon oil and lemon juice, and feature a subtle warmth from turmeric and onion, delivering a bold flavor in every bite.
  • Roasted Air Fryer Ready™ Crispy Wings are a perfectly crispy savory wing that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Each bite is packed with a variety of balanced flavors like onion and garlic, followed by deliciously juicy, tender chicken.

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