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Exhibiting over a total area of around 300 sqm in Nuremberg, MULTIVAC will be showing a representative cross section of its comprehensive range of products and services, as well as evidence of its accumulated expertise in complete lines. The central topics are: Efficient and sustainable packaging of food, medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as expert advice on all aspects of packaging, together with the company's labelling, marking and inspection solutions, and finally automation and digitalisation. Two new machine developments - a flowpacker and the innovative R3 thermoforming packaging machine - send a strong signal to the market.

Posted on Jul 27 ,05:25

Packaging expertise in top form

As one of the most important European trade exhibitions, FachPack is seen as a pointer and helping hand in the transformation process of the packaging industry. The focus this year therefore is on the aspects of sustainability, the closed-loop economy, and efficiency gains through automation.
By placing the focus on these aspects at the exhibition, MULTIVAC is serving the current requirements of the market very directly. The highlights in the food sector include various line concepts, as well as a full wrap labeller with weigh price marking. The focus in the healthcare sector is on a carrier system, which is very gentle on the product and provides not only controlled infeed of the syringes, but also loading into the pack cavities.

Among the exhibits for the meat industry and manufacturers of alternative proteins, there will be a space-saving line for the automatic arranging, infeeding, packaging and labelling of vegan burgers on a cardboard tray in a practical and very material-efficient flowpack. While a centrifuge arranges the burgers into a single line on one transport conveyor, the cardboard trays are denested onto another conveyor running in parallel. As the next process stage, a handling module loads the burgers into the cardboard trays, which are then packed on the packaging machine under modified atmosphere. An inline labeller then applies a label from above to the packs.
The universal W 500 flowpacker, which was shown for the first time at Anuga FoodTec 2022, and which features the proven MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™, is the heart of the line. Designed for a wide range of products and rapid product change, this packaging solution is characterised in particular by its attractive price-to-performance ratio. The robust W 500 at Nuremberg will be integrated into an automated line, but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution. Its main features are maximum performance, precision, reliability and user-friendliness. Offering an output of up to 120 packs per minute or a film speed of up to 30 metres/min, this new development in the MULTIVAC product range is currently among the best performing box-motion flowpacking solutions on the market.

Tray packaging line with paper pulp trays for fresh produce

Are you looking for attractive, sustainable and state-of-the-art packaging of fresh products? MULTIVAC will show you how to do this on its compact and automatic TX 710 traysealer. A tray filled with fresh berries is placed on a transport conveyor, before being sealed in the traysealer and then labelled from above. The tray made of cellulose is a biologically degradable tray, which meets all the current requirements in terms of sustainability, and which can also be run without problems on standard machines.
Thanks to its robust construction and innovative machine control featuring Flow Manager and Multi Sensor Control, the traysealer is capable of packing with maximum flexibility and consistent reliability - even at very high output in non-stop mode. A further guarantee of outstanding performance are the RFID-coded X-tools, which are the groundbreaking die concept of the MULTIVAC X-line.

A particular plus in terms of process reliability, pack quality, and above all user-friendliness: The line is completely networked, so that it can be used with the digital MULTIVAC Smart Services, as well as being conveniently controlled from one point via MULTIVAC Line Control.

Thermoforming packaging line with portioning machine for automatically processing fresh meat and packaging in retail packs

The starting point for this line is a new and compact portioning machine from TVI, which was specially developed for the entry-level sector. The multifunctional GMS 400 portioning machine stands for the best portioning quality and optimum product yield - and at FachPack it will be processing fresh meat into very even steaks.
The meat portions arrive at the new R3 thermoforming packaging machine via a transport conveyor. This highly flexible model achieves a speed of twelve cycles per minute at its peak level, and can therefore reach the output of high-end slicer lines. The R3 can run not only conventional films, but also the latest types of sustainable packaging materials, such as for example the currently favoured polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene-based mono structures, which it can run consistently and, above all else, without producing creases. In order to achieve this, the forming station of the machine has been equipped with a special type of allover heating, which heats recyclable films very evenly. In addition to this, the chain guides for the web advance can be adjusted individually, and they are also decoupled from all the forces of the machine processes. The result is that MULTIVAC achieves a constant web tension without any waves at the edge of the pack, and this ultimately gives the pack the ideal appearance.

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