Pasta or pizza to replace the usual barbecue ritual in the US


Surging prices are pushing consumers to look for alternatives that are not so expensive.

Posted on May 30 ,08:47

Pasta or pizza to replace the usual barbecue ritual in the US

With prices rising continuously in the US market, the grilling season may be compromised partially this year, according to analysts consulted by Bloomberg. "The inflationary environment is starting to take its toll. Instead of steak or chicken, we might have pasta or a pizza," said Michael Nepveux, senior analyst for animal protein at Stable USA, which offers risk-management tools for some commodities. Meat prices have continued to rise in the American market since the beginning of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine is adding another shock wave in this market. For the last two years, beef and pork had the highest rate of growth (25% and 12%, respectively) among animal proteins, according to a USDA report released this month. Across the four types of meats, researchers found the average retail price paid for meat increased 6.9% on a dollars-per-pound basis in 2020 over 2019. Beef prices increased the most at 8.9%, with pork, poultry, and other meats (mainly lamb and mutton) increasing by 5.7%, 4.9%, and 5.3%, respectively. Households increased their average purchases of meat for at-home consumption by 7.2% on a quantity basis in 2020 over 2019. In the four meat categories - beef, pork, poultry, and other meats - purchases of other meats increased the most at 13.5%, followed by pork (8%), poultry (7%), and beef (6.2%), which is nearly the reverse pattern of the price increases.
As the grain prices will continue to increase, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, followed by other commodities, analysts are expecting a drop in meat consumption in the US.

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