Pig prices advance in Spain and Belgium


The rest of the EU market is currently stalled.

Posted on Jun 15 ,13:12

Pig prices advance in Spain and Belgium

Pig prices advanced in Spain (+ 2 ₵) and Belgium (+ 4 ₵) over the last week, while the rest of the EU market is close to the level of 1.80 € / kg, given by the German benchmark. Markets in other EU countries are balanced, where the low supply of live pigs is sufficient to cover the weak processing needs. Slaughter weights in many countries are falling, according to PolPig. Trade orders, which are small for this time of year, are the result of rising food prices and reducing consumption. The increase in consumption remains a necessary factor for the increase in the buying-in prices for pigs. Polish imports of pigs for slaughter are getting smaller. On the domestic market, the prices of cereals are falling, which has a positive effect on the improvement of the profitability of pig production, but not so much that breeders massively start placing piglets for fattening. "Rather, we are seeing a gradual reduction in the number of pigs due to high uncertainty in the market. Traders note that customers are less interested in the purchase of pork. You can't see the effect of the barbecue season. The price of live pigs has been rising very slowly for the third week in a row, but without a demand impulse, it will be difficult to significantly increase it," representatives of PolPig noted.

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