Plant-based food production encouraged by the Danish Gov


The Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Rasmus Prehn's ambition is for Denmark to be an absolute world leader in the coming years.

Posted on Mar 26 ,07:33

Plant-based food production encouraged by the Danish Gov

Denmark will add a financial line of support of DKK 20 million (€2.68 million) for plant-based food producers, according to a press release from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Anyone can apply for funding, guarantees Minister Rasmus Prehn, whose ambition is to see the country becoming an absolute world leader in the field. According to official data, quinoa, chickpeas and lentils are on the menu of more and more Danes. "If Denmark is to occupy a place as a plant-based frontrunner, we need to create a good framework for plant-based food production. The money we now allocate will help enterprising farmers to develop, produce and sell the best plant-based, organic foods. Denmark is at the forefront of the organic field, and we can use that to develop plant-based foods. The interaction helps to ensure that, in addition to the climate, other important sustainability parameters and societal benefits are also delivered," said Minister Prehn.
Organic farming generally has a lower nitrogen consumption than other production and 30 percent more living species on organic land and adjacent habitats help to increase biodiversity. The 20 million will be implemented through a special pool in the Foundation for Organic Agriculture, which all qualified applicants are free to apply for. The idea behind the initiative is that the pool should support projects that strengthen the cultivation of plant-based foods, the knowledge base on nutrition, or the export of plant-based foods to other countries.

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