Poland launches innovative pig breeding project


The "Silesian Fattening" project intends to breed pigs with high nutritional value of meat and a taste known from home products from many years ago.

Posted on Jan 08 ,06:30

Poland launches innovative pig breeding project

Almost a dozen of Polish pig farms have entered the "Silesian Fattening" project, who aims to produce pig meat with high nutritional value and a taste known from home products from many years ago by adding a special herb composition to the feed, according to Portal Spozywczy magazine.
The "Silesian Fattening Meat" program is developed for pig breeders in the Opole province (Middle Silesia) and it consists in the appropriate selection of crosses for fattening pigs and a special diet, which uses herbs and spices affecting the nutritional value of meat.
The method was already tested by Rafal Dus, founder of the cooperative "Opolskie Fermy Trzody", who began to add various types of herbs to food for his animals to restore meat with taste qualities similar to those of many years ago.
It turned out that meat produced with the participation of herbs not only has a completely different taste but also behaves differently in a frying pan. First of all, there is less water in it, which is replaced by intramuscular fat - the carrier of flavour also responsible for the tenderness of the meat. It took a little time to determine the right mix to add to the feed, but the effect was achieved. We have a ham that tastes like the one known to the older generation from its childhood," explained Dus.
Today, growers operating within the cooperative already use a special herbal mixture, which includes garlic, rosemary and sage. After obtaining reproducible breeding results, they decided to subject the meat produced according to their method for the evaluation of scientists. "The meat is tender, has a very high protein content, optimal fat content, has a smell and flavor of herbs. When I looked at the chemical composition and fat profile, I was surprised because the results were similar to beef and lamb. It also has a lot of phospholipids, so you can talk about healthy properties," declared professor Wladysław Migdal from the Department of Animal Product Processing at the University of Agriculture in Krakow.

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