Pork prices in the Netherlands set a new record


Pig meat reaches the level of €2.00, the highest in decades.

Posted on Nov 19 ,11:27

Pork prices in the Netherlands set a new record

Pork prices in the Netherland have broken the barrier of €2.00 (including VAT) reaching the highest level in decades, informs Meat&Co magazine. The spike in prices has been supported by increased demand from China, is expected to go higher in 2020 as next year is seen as a low point in the Chinese pork supply.
For now, dutch slaughterhouses run at maximum capacity but have difficulty keeping up with the demand for meat and, as the holiday season usually increases the domestic demand, pork prices can go up in December both at the farm gate and in supermarkets.
Over the last 9 months, China has put pressure on the global meat trade due to the ASF situation in the country. Experts are saying that half of the national swine inventory is gone and, without any recent signs of rebuilding its pig herd, China will reach the prior level of production after 5 or 6 years.

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