Poultry producers from all over Brazil focus on biosecurity


This year’s Poultry Farmer’s Day brought special reasons to celebrate, says the president of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), Ricardo Santin.

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Poultry producers from all over Brazil focus on biosecurity

The first reason, highlights Santin, is the preservation of Brazil's sanitary status. After the first record of Avian Influenza in the history of the country (which occurred in wild birds), the union of efforts of producers from all over Brazil, integrated with the actions of the agroindustries and the extensive work of monitoring and crisis management of the Ministry of Agriculture allowed the country remains free of the disease, without any focus on commercial production.

"Here it is worth highlighting the articulation led by the Ministry of Agriculture, together with the productive sector and all the links in the chain, in total control for the maintenance of biosecurity. Among these, the farmers are the great highlight. In your hands is the important responsibility of putting into practice the biosecurity protocols that protect the productive sector", emphasizes the president of ABPA.

With the preservation of Brazil's sanitary status as free of Avian Influenza before the World Organization for Animal Health (WHOA), analyzes Santin, the productive sector is heading towards recovery after a challenging period, in the face of historically high production costs.

"Corn and soybean meal are in a more favorable scenario than we saw drawn over the years 2020 and 2022, when the sector was heavily tested and the resilience of producers made the difference in maintaining domestic supply and exports. On the other hand, some costs remain high, such as the price of diesel and packaging. In this context, exports should be the sector's main driver, with the expansion of demand from different markets around the world, both in the case of chicken meat and eggs", he said.

For chicken meat, according to ABPA projections released on August 16, production should reach up to 14.95 million tons produced over the 12 months of 2023, a figure 3% higher than that recorded in the same period last year, with 14.52 million tons. Total exports are expected to reach 5.20 million tons, a volume up to 8% higher than the shipments registered in 2022, with 4.82 million tons. The availability of products in the domestic market should reach 9.85 million tons, a volume 1.5% higher than the 9.70 million tons registered in 2022. With this, the per capita consumption of chicken meat should remain at 46 kilos in this year, 1.5% higher than the 45.2 kilos per capita recorded in 2022.

In the case of the egg sector, total production in the country should reach 52.55 billion units in 2023, a number 1% higher than the 52.06 billion units produced in 2022. Per capita consumption of eggs in Brazil should end the year around 242 units, a number 0.5% higher than the 241 units per capita consumed in 2022. In exports, projections indicate total shipments of 32.5 thousand tons of eggs from Brazil, a number 240% higher than the total exported in 2022, with 9.47 thousand tons.

"Both poultry and egg producers are seeing even more opportunities in the international market. The work of excellence delivered by the farms adds to the efforts that generate business opportunities that today balance the offer and improve the profitability of the entire production chain. More exports means more exchange earnings, employment and income for the country. This is a strategic work that starts at the base, in the families of poultry farmers in Brazil who dedicate themselves to a production distinguished by quality, sustainability and biosecurity", concludes the president from ABPA.

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