RAPS: New vegan recipes based on pea protein


From burger patties and bratwurst, to barbecue skewers and meatballs – pea protein-based products promise flavoursome, flame-grilled enjoyment. The Kulmbach-based spice expert RAPS, a partner of the meat industry and the butcher's trade for more than 95 years, is bringing even more variety to the market with its new veggie concepts: With recipes based on pea protein, RAPS offers functionality and flavour from a single supplier, and addresses the demands of manufacturers who want to expand their barbecue range with diverse, plant-based applications.

Posted on Apr 14 ,09:57

RAPS: New vegan recipes based on pea protein

Meat-free products for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians is one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry. According to a recent report by the Smart Protein Project, sales of plant-based alternative products in Germany increased by 97 per cent between 2018 and 2020.[1] With its savory seasonings and functional concepts for meat alternatives, RAPS proves that ditching meat does not mean sacrificing enjoyment. In addition to products based on soy or wheat, new concepts with pea protein have also been created. With the help of numerous recipe ideas, food producers can address a large target group and create products that convince both with typical bite and pleasant mouthfeel, as well as best taste thanks to RAPS’ spice blends.

The diverse application possibilities include meat-free versions of barbecue classics such as burger patties, coarse and fine grilled sausages, meatballs (also with creamy fillings such as jalapeno cheese sauce), barbecue skewers and cevapcici. When it comes to sensory characteristics, the products are very similar to the originals, thus appealing to "die-hard" barbecue fans. Product-specific firmness and texture can be adjusted in the production process, and all recipes can be easily implemented with standard meat processing equipment. Thanks to excellent freezing and thawing stability, frozen products are possible too.

As consumer demands become more individual and diverse, such requirements must be reflected on supermarket shelves. "With new vegan recipes, we want to make barbecue enjoyment possible for everyone thanks to the versatility of pea protein," says Josefine Schneider, product manager at RAPS. "In addition, we pay attention to short ingredient lists and a nutritionally valuable composition. Of course, this is also reflected in the labelling, which means we have been able to develop many recipes with Nutri Score A or B."

In addition to the grill range, RAPS offers other vegan and vegetarian product concepts – for example, for wieners, cold cuts, schnitzel, vegetable and fresh spreads, fish fingers, meat and tuna salads. Thanks to the manufacturer's comprehensive portfolio, the products can be further individualised and refined with specific seasonings, marinades or dipping sauces.

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