Romania's status of CSF-free is suspended

Hygiene & Biosecurity

OIE inspectors have decided to suspend the country's CSF free status after a mission conducted earlier this year.

Posted on Mar 26 ,13:42

Romania's status of CSF-free is suspended

Romania’s CSF free country status, as recognized by the OIE World Assembly of Delegates in terms of Resolution No. 22 adopted in May 2019, is suspended with effect from 23 March 2020, announced the World Organisation for Animal Health. To monitor Romania’s compliance with the OIE Terrestrial Code provisions for the maintenance of its CSF free country status, a mission was conducted in the country in 2020.
Some of the stakeholders in the meat industry are blaming the authorities for not having any reaction to this announcement who is expected to have a serious impact on Romanian pork exports in the EU. "It is a subject discussed for some while. The document was officially issued a few days ago but no one in the Ministry of Agriculture doesn't want to talk about it. The risks are very high as we may lose the right to export pork and pork products", said Dragos Frumosu, SINDALIMENTA President, for magazine.
OIE inspection team has focused on issues such as early detection system for Classical Swine Fever, biosecurity in farms, control and prevention measures at border checkpoints, slaughterhouses, commercial farms, and small farms. In May 2019, Romania was recognized as CSF free. However, since then the national pig inventory was hit by African Swine Fever, making the country probably the worst hit in the region.

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