SPP bounces back to new record high


For the week ending 14 January the EU spec SPP ( Standard Pig Price ) has increased 1.65p to stand at 201.85p/kg, a new record high and welcome move for producers in the first full working week of the new year, informs AHDB.

Posted on Jan 22 ,00:10

SPP bounces back to new record high

An estimated total of 159,600 clean pigs were slaughtered in the week, a weekly increase of 11,100 head but 18,100 head behind the 5-year average.

In the week previous (week ending 7 January) the EU spec SPP slipped by just over 1p after hitting a record high in the week ending 31 December, taking some in the industry by surprise.

The first week of the new year saw variation in the number of working days at different abattoirs due to bank holidays and staff leave, disrupting usual throughputs, and with processors contributions also varied, this ultimately impacted the overall average.

The EU spec APP ( All Pig Price ), although a week behind, appears to be following the same trend as the SPP with the latest data showing that the APP moved down 1.69p in the week ending 7 January to 204.74p/kg, after reaching a new record of 206.43p/kg in the week ending 31 December.

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