Saudali acquires a line of hams of the latest generation from Marel - Metalquimia

The company Saudali – Frigorífico Industrial Vale do Piranga S/A has acquired, for the plant in Ponte Nova (MG), a complete line of hams production from the brand Metalquimia, represented in Brazil by Marel for over 20 years. With the acquisition, the unit now has a processing capacity of 40 ton/day.

Posted on Jul 05 ,00:05

Saudali acquires a line of hams of the latest generation from Marel - Metalquimia

With full connectivity, 4.0, the line installed at Saudali has maximum automation, traceability, and full control of processing parameters. It offers a fully integrated, compact, and continuous process. "The system implemented at Saudali is one of the most modern available in the market. It is the second of this model installed in the world and, for sure, the first and most modern in Brazil" – declares Josep Lagares, Metalquimia's CEO.

"In addition, this line stands out for its versatility in products and processes, and the ease with which the equipment can be cleaned. All these attributes guarantee quality, consistency, and safety for the finished product, in addition to reliability in meat maturation and in the development of the ham's color", adds Lagares.

The automated lines for the manufacture of Metalquimia's hams are the most efficient and effective in the market. They integrate the processes of brine preparation, injection, softening/pre-massage, massaging/maturing, filling, clipping/thermoforming, and cooking/cooling in automatic continuous flow lines.

These systems are the most modern, productive, versatile, compact, safe, clean and cost-effective for the manufacture of cooked meat products on the world meat market, with fully proven state-of-the-art technology.

According to Saudali's industrial manager, Ângelo Marliére, the choice of the new equipment was made after extensive market research. "We purchased the equipment in February 2022 and finished the installation in May 2023. We chose Metalquimia because it is among the most highly regarded technologies worldwide. They are highly specialized in machinery and technology for the industrial manufacture of meat products", the manager said in a statement.

Metalquimia is a Spanish company, located in Girona (Spain). With more than 50 years of experience, it is a highly specialized global leader in machinery and technology for the industrial manufacture of cooked, marinated, cured meat products and snacks.

Marel, which has represented Metalquimia in Brazil for over 20 years, is a global leader in providing innovations for food processing, offering advanced solutions for the industry, ranging from stand-alone equipment to complete line projects. The company supports the production of high-quality, safe, and affordable food by providing solutions, services, and software for meat processing plants. In Brazil, it relies with the Progress Point América Latina, in Campinas (SP), and a plant entirely dedicated to red meat, in Guaporé (RS).

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