Schnitzel alert in Germany


Significant price hikes for bacon, sausages and even Schnitzel are expected due to increased demand for pork in China.

Posted on Dec 02 ,10:16

Schnitzel alert in Germany

Germany is at risk to see a hike in prices for meat that could change the consumption habits of its inhabitants, warns Germany's BVDF meat industry association. Due to an increased demand for pork from China, every traditionally consumed pork product in Germany is expected to witness a spike in prices. The association says that the real prices for fatback and pork shoulder are now three times higher compared to those recorded in the last couple of years. "Sausage will definitely be more expensive," declared BVDF President Sarah Dhem in an interview for Bild magazine.
The ASF outbreak in China has reduced the world's largest pig herd by 50%, according to some analysts and the impact will be fully felt in the global meat market in 2020. Figures presented by officials in Beijing are talking about a deficit of 3 million tonnes for this year, although there are voices that argue that the real damage is much higher than presented in the official data released by the Chinese authorities. In 2020, the deficit is expected to surpass 4 million tonnes.
Meantime, Spain and Germany are the main European suppliers of pork in the Chinese market and the impact on pork prices in these markets has been felt since April this year. Pork prices have already reached record highs in China and there are expected to rise again as the Lunar New Year festivities in January will increase consumption. "The Chinese are buying what they can on the world market," market analyst Tim Koch declared for the same publication. Imports of poultry, beef and sheepmeat in China have risen aswell but pork is still the most consumed meat in this market.

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