Seara invests in innovative technology for breaded products

Strategy is supported by the start-up of the first phase of the new factory in Rolândia, the biggest investment in the business since the acquisition by JBS.

Posted on Mar 21 ,00:20

Seara invests in innovative technology for breaded products

With a focus on innovation, variety and quality, Seara will launch 10 new breaded products to redefine the category

Seara, present in 90% of Brazilian homes and recognized for its quality, flavor, innovation and leadership in various categories of the food market, is expanding its operations in the breaded products segment with an eye on the high growth potential of this category in the Brazilian market. With a focus on innovation, variety and quality, the brand will launch 10 new breaded products to redefine the category, expanding its portfolio, serving all consumption occasions.

Although traditional on consumers' tables, the consumption of frozen breaded foods in Brazil still has ample growth potential when compared to penetration rates in foreign markets. While these products are present in 33% of Brazilian homes, this index rises to 54% in the United States and 66% in the United Kingdom. "We want to give new meaning to the category in Brazil, as this is a traditional dish in Brazilian homes. Consumption is not greater only because there is a lack of variety of products and high quality options. Seara's new line comes to solve this consumer demand", says João Campos, CEO of Seara.

In addition to the great potential for expanding consumption, the breaded products segment is registering strong expansion in the short term, growing, on average, at an annual rate of 7.4% in recent years. This movement finds support in a trend of consumers cooking more inside their homes. According to a recent survey by Kantar, at-home breading increased by 46% from 2021 to 2022. Market estimates indicate that annual sales in this category are around BRL 2.9 billion, with an average ticket 15% higher than products frozen without breading.

Seara's new food line consists of 10 different types of breaded products made 100% with chicken breast, whole and molded in a snack format, and chicken thighs, offering the consumer practicality, variety, flavor and occasions for consumption. The brand's strategy focuses on expanding product quality even further. The new breaded portfolio is expected to reach the main points of sale between April and May this year.  

"We identified that Brazilians are passionate about breaded products, and wanted even more convenience and versatility. To this end, Seara's new line expands the variety of breaded products available on the market. With this movement, the consumer will have the products he wanted or prepared at home, now ready for consumption", says the executive director of Seara's Prepared Food business, Gabriela Pontin.

New unit in Rolândia

Seara's entire strategy to redefine the breaded products category is reinforced by the start-up of the first phase of the Rolândia plant. Totaling R$ 1 billion, this is the largest investment by JBS in the business since its acquisition in 2013. Installed in a land of 257 thousand square meters (m²), with a constructed area of 54 thousand m², the new plant incorporates the main technologies of industry 4.0 and sustainability. In the construction stage, the project generated more than 1,000 jobs in the region.

The new factory is the most automated by Seara in Brazil and one of the most modern by JBS worldwide, with robots on its production and packaging conveyors, technologies integrated with artificial intelligence and data storage in the cloud. The factory is also born with sustainability protocols, such as rainwater collection, solar energy generation in the vehicle parking lot and use of electric vehicles.

The Rolândia operation is divided into two stages: the first, delivered now, focuses on the production of breaded products. The second, scheduled for the second half of 2023, will include sausage production. With this, the enterprise will create 681 jobs and will inject R$ 31 million per year in salary mass into the economy of Rolândia and region. This project is part of the BRL 8 billion investment plan announced by the business at the end of 2019.

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