Slicing technology to cut through the competition

Today's consumers expect high-quality products that suit their changing desires. To keep relevant in such a competitive market, processors are pushed to find solutions that will meet these demands in more efficient and flexible ways. With Marel and TREIF joining forces, an expansive portfolio of equipment using advanced slicing technology is on hand to meet these needs and more. Over 70 years of experience in cutting has been distilled into our single-skill and full-line solutions to improve yields, reduce energy usage, and ensure our customers can be confident in meeting future demands with processing scalability.

Posted on Jun 16 ,00:05

Slicing technology to cut through the competition

Addressing the energy issue

Lowering energy costs while increasing slicing capabilities is essential in increasing processing sustainability and staying competitive. Our slicing solutions use ECO technology to keep energy use at its lowest and reduce operating costs while providing the highest quality end-products.

DIVIDER model slicers cut accurately and reliably at higher product temperatures. With less time needed for cooling, throughput increases, and refrigeration costs are reduced. Offering processors significant savings of valuable resources of both money and time.

Matching blade and equipment for high accuracy

High-quality knives equal accurate, clean cutting and are essential for keeping consistent end-product quality. Knives are developed and manufactured in-house to perfectly match each machine and optimize the cutting capability to 100%. These ideal cutting conditions supply consistent quality and higher yields.

Knives like the NanoBlade demonstrate TREIF's long-held reputation for quality blade production. Each NanoBlade is made from high-quality stainless steel. To extend blade life and accuracy as long as possible, servicing both sharpens and reconditions.

A variety of blade options are available to provide the most efficient slicing of the widest range of raw material. The patented Lotus-engraved blade creates a non-stick effect so each slice comes away from the blade cleanly without crust-freezing, even with soft products like cooked sausage. While the cheese-tooth blade does precisely as its name implies, cleanly cutting cheese into smooth, even slices.

Designed to increase uptime

Consumers have never had more product choice. For processors to attract and keep customers consistent, quality end-product presentation is an essential consideration. Our slicing solutions use static distance control (SDS) or dynamic distance control (DDC) to supply perfect stacking results. Processors can easily switch between presentation options such as fan, stack, zigzag and shaved. Each pattern is consistently repeated, ready for packaging and a reliable high-quality presentation that consumers are attracted to.

A smart use of floor space

Advanced slicing doesn't need to take up a lot of space. As processing needs change and grow, we understand that many processors need solutions that offer outstanding product flexibility in a compact and mobile design. Single-skill options such as the DIVIDER startUp have large capacity cutting chambers and use SDS to simultaneously cut and place slices ready for packaging, providing processors with smaller floor space with a premium end-product. Solutions such as the DIVIDER 660+ and DIVIDER lineUp are ideal for in-line solutions where increasing throughput and operational efficiency is the priority. Seamlessly integrating with scales for feedback weighing, conveyor belts, and packaging lines.

Easy cleaning, high-standard hygiene

Each slicing solution has a carefully considered design to ensure high-hygiene levels are easy to maintain and operator safety is always at the forefront. Doors can be opened wide to give unfettered access to a smooth stainless-steel interior for fast, efficient cleaning that makes meeting global food hygiene standards easy. Cutting blades can be quickly and safely changed between product lines. While a large touchscreen makes operational changes to cutting and placement straight-forward. Each part of each solution within our slicing portfolio helps reduce downtime and gives processors the security of knowing they are ready to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Marel and TREIF are recognized as world leaders in cutting solutions. We use our more than 70 years of experience to develop the most advanced, innovative equipment and software to meet the needs of processors and build a more sustainable industry.

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