Smoked food gets fit for the future


At the CleanSmoke Coalition Congress 2019, toxicologists, chemists, environmental experts, engineers and specialist lawyers will report on the possibilities for minimising the PAH content in meat products, on 3-MCPD in smoked fish and on the genotoxicity of smoke and smoke flavourings.

Posted on Aug 19 ,01:30

Smoked food gets fit for the future

On October 29th, Hamburg will host the fourth CleanSmoke Coalition Congress, a meeting that will gather private persons, companies and associations, that have a professional interest in smoked food and the smoking industry in an effort to address the current challenges for the processors. The aim is to make smoking future-proof and make modern smoking technologies well-known throughout Europe. "The CleanSmoke Coalition is committed to enable companies to continue smoking despite strict environmental regulations, to ensure that sustainability does not end at the smoking chamber, to guarantee that traditional smoked goods will continue to taste as they have done for centuries and are not harmful to health. Since 2017, the CleanSmoke Coalition has been inviting the industry to exchange views on how food can be produced more sustainably, how a clear declaration of CleanSmoke as smoke can be achieved and benefits for producers, retailers and consumers," sai a press release from the coalition.
This year, the congress will focus on consumer interests, EU law and environmental protection as the industry must find a solution to address the challenges raised by environmental requirements.
An insider report from Sweden, where more than 90% of smoked food is already produced with CleanSmoke in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way is going to be presented by Peder Fischer, smoking market expert from Sweden.
Speakers include Jens Karsten of KWG Rechtsanwälte in Gummersbach/Brussels, Lisa Zastrow of the Max Rubner Institute in Kulmbach/ Germany and Dr Ute Ostermeyer of the Max Rubner Institute in Hamburg/ Germany. Frank Quiring from Rheingold Marktforschung will also report on the demands and potential of the "green paradigm shift" in food retailing.

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