Spain: Cured ham exports grow by 4.21 percent in volume until the third quarter of 2023

The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium (CJSE) releases the sectoral export figures for cured hams and shoulders until the third quarter of 2023, a period in which a total of 42,302.65 tons were exported, compared to the volume obtained during the same period of 2022, with 40,593.94 tons; which has meant an increase of 4.21%.

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Spain: Cured ham exports grow by 4.21 percent in volume until the third quarter of 2023

Likewise, exports were carried out for a total value of 458,786,183.15 euros, which has implied an increase of 9.13% in this regard in relation to the previous year.

Furthermore, the average price per kilo of ham has increased during this period, standing at 10.85 euros, specifically 4.72% compared to the same period in 2022, when it was 10.36 euros/kg. For its part, the average price in European Union countries stood at 9.97 euros, compared to 13.00 euros in third countries, leading to an increase of 6.88 and 2.30%, respectively.

In global figures, the countries of the European Union imported a total of 30,089.95 tons during these months, increasing by 8.23%, while third countries recorded a volume of 12,212.70 tons, 4.53% less. Thus, during the first half of the year, the European Union accounted for 71.1% of cured ham exports, while 28.9% corresponded to third countries.

Within the European Union, the main markets for cured ham continue to be France and Germany, accounting for approximately 50% of exports, increase their value by 10.09% and 18.45%. Other European markets that have increased the value of their exports until the third quarter of 2023 have been Portugal, by 27.04%, Austria, by 11.18%, and Sweden, by 3.81%. On the other hand, Sweden continues to be the European market with the highest average price, with €14.95/kg; leading to an increase of 10.11%.

On the other hand, the third countries that have reflected the most significant growth in terms of value have been Brazil, by 64.83%, Japan, by 26.77%, and Chile, by 19.74%. However, the US and China have decreased, respectively, by 18.95% and 9.80%, although the average price in the US country is stabilized at €14.19/kg, which represents an increase of 12.53 % in relation to the same period of the previous year, when it was €12.61/kg, while the Asian country remains at €14.21/kg, despite having dropped 14.26% in this regard in relation to to 2022. For its part, the United Kingdom continues to emerge as the market with the most attractive prices with €15.73/kg, leading to an increase of 5.62%.

In terms of formats, 16.34% of the pieces exported in this period correspond to the bone-in format , which, for its part, has seen its export volume decrease by 5.77% and its value by 13.16%, due to consumer preference in a large number of countries for formats more associated with the summer period such as slicing. For their part, the largest consumers of this format have been, in proportion, Portugal, Norway and China, the latter being, in addition, a very important market for bone-in ham.

Finally, boneless ham rose by 6.36% in terms of volume and 13.87% in terms of value, placing Sweden and the US as the consumers with the highest prices in relation to this format.

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