Spain: INTERPORC highlights the socio-economic importance of the pig sector


The Interprofesional INTERPORC has shown Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the outstanding socio-economic dimension of the sector, a true source of employment and wealth in Spain.

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Spain: INTERPORC highlights the socio-economic importance of the pig sector

The meeting between the minister and the management of INTERPORC took place during his visit to the Interprofessional stand at the Meat Attraction fair. There, Manuel García, President of INTERPORC, thanked him for "the collaboration that we have always received from the minister and his ministry" and the minister has also conveyed his full support and the need to go hand in hand in defense of the livestock and agri-food sector.

García recalled, during their meeting, the importance of the white-coated pig sector : "we create 415,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs, with a turnover of more than 18,000 million euros".

In this sense, the president of INTERPORC has valued "our attachment to the countryside, to the small towns of Spain. The sector was born there centuries ago and we are still there, investing 1,200 million a year in rural areas. An economic bet that serves to create employment and a future for its inhabitants, which fixes the population and prevents much-needed services from disappearing".

But, above all, García has recalled the international dimension of the sector. "We are a world leader recognized for the quality and food safety of our products, our high animal welfare standards, and our commitment to sustainability. To all this, we must add the seriousness of our companies, which have carved out an image of trusted partners throughout the world".

These ingredients have led the white-coated pig sector in Spain to be the second world exporter with close to 3 million tons in 2022, with a positive trade balance of 7,700 million euros.

The President of INTERPORC had also an impact on the resilience and adaptability of the sector, which has been able to provide an effective and rapid response to challenges such as COVID-19 or to the new demands of consumers around the world.

"With constant investment in R&D, pork companies are putting increasingly healthier products on the markets, with less fat and salt, and very tasty". Very versatile foods that meet the nutritional needs of population groups such as children, athletes, women, the elderly... and, as he pointed out, are part of the Mediterranean diet, recognized by doctors and nutritionists as one of the healthiest in the world.

Finally, Manuel García explained to Luis Planas the INTERPORC Action Plan for 2023. A year with many activities, both nationally and at major international events.

Presence at fairs; reception of commercial delegations; solid work in communication to fight against hoaxes with which the sector is attacked; or the continuity of collaborations with the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and universities and researchers, among others.

Many challenges for which the president of INTERPORC has shown his confidence that "as always, we will be able to count on the collaboration and support of the minister for the promotion and dissemination of the benefits of our products, as well as the values of sustainability and excellence in work that define our companies and professionals".

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