Spain: Pork meat only represents 0,65 percent of total food waste


Fresh and frozen pork barely accounts for 0.65% of the share of food waste in Spanish households. This makes it the line of products with the lowest proportion of waste in the Spanish food system, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture prepared by the Interprofessional of White-Coated Pigs (INTERPORC).

Posted on Oct 04 ,04:53

Spain: Pork meat only represents 0,65 percent of total food waste

This is highlighted by INTERPORC on the occasion of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste and which shows that meat and processed pork are among the product lines with the lowest proportion of waste in Spanish homes. This is mainly due to its versatility and speed of preparation, which allows it to be used and used in multiple recipes.

Fighting against food waste implies helping the economy of families and the fight against climate change by avoiding the emission of GHGs. In this sense, at INTERPORC we promote the fight against food waste by developing efficient consumption policies and disseminating recipes that allow the use of product remains in other preparations that are just as appetizing and healthy.

The pig sector has already launched and developed numerous initiatives and actions focused on improving the environment in its activities in production, industrial transformation and marketing; and the result of this has been the strong reduction of its polluting impacts in recent years.

In fact, few agri-food sectors deploy as much effort and have made as much progress in defending the environment as the Spanish pig sector, which reduces its GHG emissions and water consumption year after year. All this thanks to the incorporation of innovations and continuous improvements in the activity of all the operators of the sectoral food chain, as well as the little waste that is produced from their products.


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