Spain: The meat industry requests a reduction in VAT for meat


The National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE), given the possible drop in VAT that the Government seems to be proposing to certain basic foods, supports this measure, but demands that the meat should not be excluded from that reduction.

Posted on Dec 29 ,03:02

Spain: The meat industry requests a reduction in VAT for meat

ANICE recalls that meat is a concentrate of nutrients, among which proteins with essential amino acids, vitamins such as B complex and minerals such as iron and zinc stand out, which are essential at all stages of life, and especially during the growth of children and the elderly.

The reduction in VAT on meat would contribute to making this food more accessible to the population with lower incomes and would provide a balanced and varied diet, typical of the Mediterranean diet, where meat and meat derivatives are ingredients of many traditional recipes, in which It is accompanied by vegetables.
Let us also remember that iron deficiency anemia is the main nutritional deficiency of modern populations and that this is effectively combated with the contribution of iron, which is the most easily assimilated by our body, which is what meat contributes to the diet human. The meat sector is the fourth industrial sector in Spain. It contributes to generating employment and economic activity in rural areas, thus combating emptied Spain and maintaining ecosystems such as pastures, pastures or meadows, as well as helping to combat the risk of fire by making sustainable use of these environments.

ANICE states that the meat sector is also a highly exporting sector, resulting in a positive trade balance for our country of more than 9,000 million euros in 2021.
For this reason, ANICE asks the government to include meat in the set of foods in the shopping basket that will see their tax burden reduced, which is currently 10%, along with vegetables, milk or fish, among others.

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