Spain: The reality of the white meat, available to consumers


One of the priority objectives of the White Pork Interprofessional (INTERPORC) is to offer truthful and scientifically proven information to the consumer about white pork meat and products: their nutritional properties; of the benefits of its consumption within a balanced diet ; and the way in which the Spanish pork sector works to bring food to their tables with the maximum guarantees of quality and food safety and produced with the utmost respect for the environment and care for animal welfare. To achieve these objectives, the interprofessional carries out numerous actions in different areas and aimed at all audiences.

Posted on Dec 15 ,00:15

Spain: The reality of the white meat, available to consumers

On the one hand, INTERPORC participates in scientific symposiums that endorse the benefits of consuming pork, works with universities and technology centers in research into increasingly healthier meat products, and collaborates with institutions such as the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians ( SEMERGEN), the Spanish Society of Out-of-hospital Pediatrics and Primary Care (SEPEAP), the College of Nursing or the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO).

In order to reach consumers directly, INTERPORC carries out numerous healthy cooking workshops aimed at adults and children to inform them about the properties of pork meat and products, sponsors sporting events and attends prominent fairs, national and international events in which he performs showcokings, masterclasses , nutritional talks or contests. All, with the sole objective of spreading the healthy properties of white pig products.

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