Spanish Jamon enlisted in the Guinness Record Book


A piece of Jamon 100% Iberico from a pig pastured in Sierra Mayor achieved almost €12,000 in an auction in Japan.

Posted on Sep 23 ,11:01

Spanish Jamon enlisted in the Guinness Record Book

A piece of Iberian Jamon, produced in Spain, was sold for €11,881 in an unofficial auction in Japan. The ham in question, distributed by Taishi Ltd, was the protagonist in a program on the Japanese channel Asahi TV, similar to "The Fair Price", where the contestants had to guess, without success, the fair price paid for the piece. "Without a doubt, this is good news for the Spanish Iberian pig sector, which with this recognition achieves a boost of optimism in these difficult times," commented the Spanish producer, Sierra Mayor Jabugo.
This is the most expensive piece of ham in the world and the price record was entered the Guinness Record, exactly for this reason. The award-winning ham, fed exclusively on acorns and herbs, comes from a 100% pure Iberian pig processed at two years of age. The production process of this ham, with a final weight of more than 10 kg, exceeded 5 years in January 2020, according to the producer. "Following at all times the slow process of drying and natural maturation and traditional of the Huelva mountain range that, in a particular way, is influenced by the environment of the Aracena reservoir, which serves as an extraordinary moderator and refiner of the Iberian products of Corteconcepcion, perhaps the best enclave in Spain for the curing of Iberian hams and shoulders," the company said, according to Cde Comunicaccion magazine. Sierra Mayor was the first facility in the Iberian sector authorized to export to Japan and Mexico, countries in which the ‘Iberian’ concept has established itself as a symbol of high quality and gastronomic prestige.

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