Spanish White Pork Sector: Decent work and economic growth


The Spanish white pork sector has very numerous, very professional and highly qualified human resources; with extensive experience in multiple types of activities and management systems in all types of geographical areas.

Posted on Mar 02 ,03:11

Spanish White Pork Sector: Decent work and economic growth

From the Spanish Inter-professional Agri-Food Organization for White Pork (INTERPORC), as a non-profit entity made up of all sectors of the white pork value chain (production, transformation and commercialization), we can say that the white pork sector is committed with SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth).
This is precisely demonstrated by the number of employees the sector has: more than 415.000 people, including direct, indirect and induced jobs.
Thanks to its high degree of implantation in the rural environment, the sector is a backbone of the territory, fixes population and improves the quality of life of thousands of towns. In fact, 43% of Spanish pork farms, 45% of pork industries and 75% of the Spanish pork census are located in rural areas (populations of <5000 inhabitants).
This demonstrates the importance of a sector that has an extensive experience and specialization in the generation of activity and employment in rural areas.
From an economic point of view, it is a growth engine for the Spanish economy: represents 17.5% of final agricultural production and 42.7% of final livestock production, 17.22% of industrial GDP and represented 18.500 million euros of annual turnover. In addition, it generates €7.719.000 million thanks to pork exports.

Consequently, the pork sector is in a position to provide real, effective and practical support in the application of the different strategies designed to evolve towards a new "Food System Model" based on a powerful, sustainable rural environment that generates employment and effective in the fight against depopulation within the framework of the commitments of the European Green Deal.

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