Spanish government sets subsidies level for pig producers


The state aid is of €10 million and is directed only to Iberian pig breeders in Spain.

Posted on Jul 23 ,10:50

Spanish government sets subsidies level for pig producers

An amount of €10 million will be split among Iberian pig producers in Spain to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This government provision aims to facilitate the removal of animals from farms for slaughter before reaching the age and weight that would make them valid to be labelled as Iberian. Officials in Madrid hope that in this way, the market of the Iberian product may be rebalanced, strongly affected by the closure of the Horeca channel during the state of alarm and its slow recovery after its lifting. Subsidies will be conditional on the presentation of a participation plan for each farm which will include the animals slaughtered or to be slaughtered in the eligible period. This plan must be sent to the autonomous communities before August 31, 2020. The eligible period runs from last July 7 to October 15. For their part, the animals will have to be slaughtered between the ages of 5 and 9 months, and the carcass weight of the lot should be between 70 and 95 kilograms per animal. The amount of the subsidy will be 40 euros per animal and up to a maximum of 500 animals per farm.

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