Spanish pork: A world leader in quality and food safety


Spain is the third largest pork producer in the world and the second largest exporter in the world and the first in Europe, which means that the industry created a Spain brand for meat and pork products that manages to be a benchmark for other agri-food sectors that aspire to increase their exports.

Posted on Apr 21 ,00:35

Spanish pork: A world leader in quality and food safety

The confidence of professionals in the most demanding third-country markets (in terms of quality, traceability, sustainability, formats,) is based on compliance with the legislation and production model of the European Union, one of the most modern and guaranteed in the world.

The quality, safety and control that characterize it allow it to respond to the growing demands of today's consumers, who are not only looking for a healthy diet, but also demand production from food companies that respects animal welfare and care for the environment.

For this reason, from the beginning of the process, Spanish farms are a perfect example of modern livestock. Companies, many of them family-owned, that preserve their roots, but at the same time make use of modern engineering solutions in their design and operation; that they apply serious and rigorous controls in the feeding of the animals and that attach great importance to their veterinary care. The final result is a production of meat of the highest quality.

Similarly, the processing industry is highly technical and incorporates the most advanced processes in the world meat industry, standing out in traceability and food safety. All this with a single objective: to comply with the high standards that are required of it in the different countries in which it is present.

The combination of a modern primary sector with a very advanced industry clearly places the Spanish pig sector at the technological forefront of the world pig industry. A situation in which its commitment to digitizing the entire value chain as a differentiation tool has a lot to do with it.

And if the production is modern and efficient, even more so are the high security controls established by the companies themselves and the authorities. Again in this case under the umbrella of European legislation, characterized by its high levels of demand and complemented by voluntary certifications in traceability, sustainability and food safety, which represent an indisputable plus of confidence for consumers in Spanish meat production and they are a guarantee for the health authorities of third countries in the event of any health problem.

Pork meat and Spanish meat products enjoy the greatest recognition in international markets. Every day there are more destination countries for Spanish exports and the excellent value for money opens up new possibilities for Spanish operators.

The Spanish pig sector has until today the guarantee of being present in more than a hundred countries that, after rigorous inspections, have opened their borders and have given maximum confidence to Spanish operators so that their products are part of the basket of the purchase of demanding local consumers.

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