Swift expands the use of solar energy


Swift, a JBS company, is expanding the supply of clean and renewable energy to its own stores in the State of São Paulo.

Posted on Dec 29 ,03:03

Swift expands the use of solar energy

In partnership with Âmbar Energia, a company of the J&F Investimentos group, 11 business establishments in the interior of São Paulo will be supplied by the newly opened Photovoltaic Plant (UFV) Âmbar Porto Feliz. The investment is part of Swift's strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

UFV Âmbar Porto Feliz is made up of 2,352 solar panels and has an installed capacity of 1.29 MWp (Megawatt-peak), enough to supply 800 homes. The project will avoid the monthly emission of 56.4 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the equivalent of planting 81 new trees per month. With the project, Swift reduces its scope 2 emissions, related to electricity consumption.

“It's another step by Swift on the path to sustainability and to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations. Concerned about the environment, Swift has been advancing in the use of solar, clean and renewable energy, in its own stores and mobile units (vans) since 2019”, highlights the Financial Director and responsible for Swift’s Sustainability programs, Raphael Jacob.

Swift's strategy to prioritize the consumption of renewable energy in its operations communicates with JBS's efforts to become Net Zero in 2040, that is, to zero the net balance of its emissions and offset residual emissions. Swift's goal is to have 100% of its stores supplied by a renewable source by 2025.
With energy from UFV Âmbar Porto Feliz, Swift reaches 45 stores served by solar farms. As part of this movement, Swift is also installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of its stores, generating energy for consumption in the establishments themselves. These projects are developed, implemented and managed by Âmbar Energia, the energy solutions company of the J&F group.

In addition to the projects for solar farms and roofs, the company also operates 100% of its mobile stores with solar panels, which provide energy for the operation of point-of-sale systems.

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