Taste, true, meaning - the essence of SIAL PARIS 2018


The exhibition can be summed up in three epithets: “taste”, “true” and “meaning”, and the claim really is no exaggeration, considering the degree to which these notions are being creatively fashioned worldwide- Nicolas Trentesaux

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Taste, true, meaning - the essence of SIAL PARIS 2018


"In the food sector, the future can arrive quickly, very quickly: and so anticipation is the key" - well... that would be exactly my words if Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL network Director would not said that first. The most spectacular show in the F&B industry is opening new paths with this edition and Mr. Trentesaux is the perfect guide in this labirinth of "taste, true, meaning" , which seems to be the quintessence of this exibit.

1. What is your strategy for attracting new exhibitors and how many are the newcomers that appeared in the latest editions of SIAL Paris?

SIAL DNA is all about new products and innovation, so this is our main strategy to attract newcomers, which works very well as more than 40% or our exhibitors are new comers usually, this without mentioning launching new sector, such as alternative food one in 2018.

2. What are the novelties from this year's edition?

• This new sector about Alternative food which includes organic, „free from”, healthy, sustainable, animal welfare products,
• A new feature about the future of FOOD planet, with content about what may happen by 2030 in our sector, 40 rising start-ups coming from Europe, and virtual realty application applied to food sector.
• Tasting Square, to discover all the drinks presented by our exhibitors in one place
• Open Tasting Bar, to taste Latin American drinks

3. How much time ahead do participants make their reservations for SIAL?

On average 18 months before, but this year we have opened 2020 SIAL Paris to sale a month ago, so the trend is most likely to become 2 years.
4. How renowned is SIAL Paris at an international level? What about its section dedicated to the meat industry?

Our brand is very strong internationally thanks to its local shows, and seeing the international proportion growing on the floor this year (87%) it confirms that our reputation, being the number one food exhibition network, is true and will be tangible once again in Paris from 21 to 25 October.

5. What are your expectations regarding this year's edition and regarding SIAL's meat & poultry exhibition?

The sector is stable and part of the top 5 of our exhibiting sectors (21 in total), we notice that our meat & poultry client are offering more and more qualititive products answering the worldwide consumers’ expectations.

6. What can you say about the trade fair's evolution looking back to the first edition?

The Food sector is a very dynamic and innovative one and our brand is definitely the perfect image of it in termes of growth but also in terms of innovations and trends. With more than 400.000 products presented at the show in 2016 and expected in 2018 coming from 119 different countries, so a real bowl of inspiration to be found on the floor.

7. How many visitors are you expecting this year?

160.000 expected professionals coming from 194 countries.

8. What is your message for the participants?

Be part of the world number food innovation exhibition, to find new providers, new ingredients, new ideas to differentiate your company.

9. How is the French trade fair different from other renowned food and beverage exhibitions from around the world?

Our show is different mainly due to the content provided: current and future trends in our sector, and is a real food laboratory to taste, launch new products in real.


10. How does SIAL Paris support the French food and beverages industry?

SIAL Paris and the Agriculture Ministry are supporting the 1st exhibiting country in 2018, French companies present at the show with a specific visibility – a common signage, and a specific path to be found before the show and at the entrances.
11. Considering how popular is the French cuisine at an international level, how does SIAL plan to promote it further?

We promote French cuisine with our patron Yannick Alléno as well as with the numerous chefs who come to make demos, courses... at La Cuisine (our food service feature in Hall 5B)
12. Which are the most popular products showcased during the exhibition?

We don’t focus on popular products, but the most innovative ones. As you will see 15 of them have been highlighted as the most innovative ones by a jury of experts. Please join the SIAL innovation ceremony on Monday 22nd at 5pm to discover the Bronze, silver and Gold awards.

13. The alternative food sector has performed well in 2016. What are the startups that were present at SIAL 2016 and managed to launch successfully their innovative products in the market?

The Alternative food sector didn’t exist in 2016. And even if there are a lot of new companies in this sector in 2018, there are not only start-ups.

14. What are the trends that are going to gain traction in the market in the next few years and how is the F&B industry responding?

Please refer to our press pack on our worldwide surveys, published in September. In brief, waht we could say: All the studies of our Industry, Consumption and Foodservice experts - to be discovered exclusively here - and all the feedback from the professionals - many of whom will be exhibiting at SIAL Paris 2018 – attestto three major phenomena that are in the process of remodelling Planet Food. These phenomena can be summed up in three epithets: “taste”, “true” and “meaning”, and the claim really is no exaggeration, considering the degree to which these notions are being creatively fashioned worldwide. Notions that have been revamped and reinvented, and brought into line with the very spirit of the age! The emergence of these three phenomena has been dependent on the will of all Planet Food stakeholders, with each stakeholder feeding into and reinforcing
the phenomena, as if each one of us were conscious of the commitments incumbent on us, and which are in a way our common denominator. This, too, is something new: Planet Food has undergone a paradigm change! And this is no fleeting trend.

It is a veritable revolution, tapping into the very DNA of our sector, and whichis transporting us in double-quick time from yesterday’s to tomorrow’s world. It is precisely the role of SIAL Paris, as the food innovation observatory, to throw the spotlight on this dynamic situation which, ingredient by ingredient, from one continent to the next, is helping determine what will go onto our plates in the future. In the food sector, the future can arrive quickly, very quickly: and so anticipation is the key. The “Taste - True - Meaning” commitment will therefore be a central feature of the 2018 edition of SIAL Paris, to provide support to all professionals in the pursuit of this marvellous process and to offer them the visibility they need, to grow and flourish in France and, of course, abroad, aided by the inherent appeal of Paris, the world’s gastronomic capital.

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