Thai number of pig exporters is rising


A total of 44 exporters and 1751 farms in Thailand have been certified by the country’s Department of Livestock Development (DLD) to ship the pigs to Vietnam.

Posted on Jul 09 ,10:36

Thai number of pig exporters is rising

Thailand continues to increase its role of pig supplier in South-East Asia, with a total of 44 exporters and 1751 farms in Thailand certified by the country’s Department of Livestock Development (DLD) to ship the pigs to Vietnam. However, the situation is not so clear in the other part, only 13 Thai exporters being eligible for shipping pigs to Vietnam, according to official data released by Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health. Livestock authorities both countries have agreed that all pigs originating from Thailand must come from GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified farms. Additionally, 5% of the shipment must be tested negative to Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, and African Swine Fever. Urea test must be negative for beta-agonist, which is an illegal growth promoter. Vietnam’s DAH (Department of Animal Health) also requires that all incoming pigs from Thailand to be vaccinated against FMD and PRRS prior to arrival in the country.
Nevertheless, the impact of live pig exports is felt in the Thai market, with commercial pig prices jumping by 20% to THB 78/kg ($2.60/kg). "Price is still moving forward, and this has prompted the DLD to impose the maximum number of exports at 6000 pigs/day. The number covers commercial pigs, piglets, and processed pork," explains Paul A. Anderson, General Manager South East Asia - International Sales Manager, Genesus Inc.

"In Vietnam, the price of the live pig is now 90,000 – 93,000vnd/kg ($3.86 -$4.00) in the North; 80,000 – 90,000 vnd/kg ($3.43-$3.86) in the centre and 83,000 – 88,000 vnd/kg ($3.50- $3.72) in the South. The average price will be around 86,000vnd/kg ($3.68). There have been outbreaks of ASF in some areas, namely Cao Bang, Lai Chau, and Dien Bien province. These outbreaks are slowing the national re-stocking of the pig herd. The continued shortage of pigs means the pig price remands high, even thou the Government supports imports for both breeding stock and commercial pigs," he added.
According to the Department of Livestock Production, sow herd inventory in Vietnam at the end of April was 2,86 million sows, including 109,000 GGP/GP sows.

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