The Chinese market likes the ’’Spanish Pork‘‘


Spanish pork, the meat and products made from white-coated pigs from Spain, have found one of their priority destinations in China. It is a market to which Spanish companies began to export a little over ten years ago, a very short period in terms of internationalization, but which has been more than enough to make Spain the leading supplier in the country.

Posted on Aug 14 ,00:30

The Chinese market likes the ’’Spanish Pork‘‘

Chinese importers, distributors and consumers have placed their trust in the Spanish pig sector due to its strong commitment to quality, animal welfare, care for the environment and the guarantees of traceability and food safety offered by its products.

We cannot forget that an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in China caused a drop in its domestic production between 2018 and 2020. A hard blow due to the urgent need to supply a population whose annual per capita consumption of pork products is the biggest in the world (40.6 kg).

This situation gave an important boost to Spanish exports, and despite the logical reduction in volume produced after China overcame the ASF and recovered its herd, Spain has managed to remain the world's leading supplier of pork in that market.

The success of 'Spanish Pork' in China is based on the professionalism that distinguishes Spanish pork companies and the support of the Interprofesional INTERPORC. This national organization, made up of organizations for the production, transformation and marketing of white-coated pigs, has among its objectives to promote the image of the pig sector inside and outside the borders of Spain.

During the last few years, INTERPORC has developed different activities in China -presence at fairs, meetings with importers, conferences - to publicize the Spanish product and intensify the pork trade between the two countries. The result is an exceptional relationships with Chinese pig authorities, institutions and companies.

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