The IAWS Animal Walfare certification establishes a transparent communication channel with the consumer


The INTERPORC 'IAWS' Animal Welfare certification is a “tool for empowerment of the pig sector because it allows us to establish a transparent and direct communication channel with the consumer.” This was highlighted by Alberto Herranz, general director of INTERPORC at the Porciforum event held in Lérida.

Posted on Mar 11 ,00:05

The IAWS Animal Walfare certification establishes a transparent communication channel with the consumer

During his speech, entitled 'Reputational Communication and Animal Welfare – Keys to empowering the pig sector', Herranz referred to the proactivity in terms of animal welfare of the Spanish pig sector, as well as its capacity for constant evolution and adaptation to changing conditions and increasing consumer demands.

"People have the right to know how food is produced, its nutritional content and the food safety measures that are followed. That is the challenge that the pork sector faces daily. And, given that we comply, even above the required regulations, I consider that we also have the obligation to disseminate it on behalf of the professionals who, with their good work and professionalism, make it possible", he stated.

In this direction, Herranz has explained the approach to communication carried out by the Interprofessional to promote the 'B+ Animal Welfare Commitment' seal and its IAWS Technical Regulation, accreditable by ENAC. "Our goal is to show the consumer that European legislation is the most demanding in the world, and based on it we have voluntarily obtained an even stricter certification in animal welfare".

Measures that have led the Spanish pig sector to work with a holistic vision of well-being that includes aspects such as health, biosecurity, animal management, food safety and traceability. All this through a regulation that is periodically reviewed and adapted thanks to a Scientific Committee of experts in animal welfare.

"In this way, we constantly stay ahead of both future regulations and consumer demands. That is a reality that allows us to affirm with total pride that we have the most respectful production system in the world with regard to animal welfare", concluded the director of INTERPORC.

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