The Philippines allows beef, poultry imports from Germany


The ban placed on pork imports remains in place for more than 20 countries affected by the disease.

Posted on Jan 21 ,07:52

The Philippines allows beef, poultry imports from Germany

Germany is allowed to export beef and poultry to the Philippines, according to a notice from the Department of Agriculture (DA). At the same time, the US will ship pork and beef, following compliance with quarantine and meat inspection systems procedures. The two countries have also complied with the requirements of the World Organization for Animal Health.

According to the DA, the source of meat for export shall be from animals born and raised in Germany and must not contain residues of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals, radioactivity and similar substances that may pose public health and environmental hazards. For Germany, commodities approved for export include fresh or chilled beef carcasses, offals, tongues, livers, fresh or chilled poultry meat, wings, thighs, mechanically deboned meat, turkey meat, and duck meat, informs The Philippine Star newspaper. For the US, approved commodities are fresh or chilled beef carcasses, offals, tongues, livers, fresh or chilled pork carcasses, and hams.
On the other hand, authorities in Manilla have added Indonesia to the list of banned countries for pork imports along with 20 other countries affected by African swine fever. Ironically, Germany is on that list too, since June 2019, when a batch of pork products was discovered to contain pig meat imported by German producers from Poland, a country banned for pork imports to the Philippines. The Asian country is also hit by the ASF virus and has counted 612 outbreaks in 9 provinces and parts of Metro Manila.

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