The Philippines reports 500 backyard farms affected by ASF since September


9 outbreaks have been reported since the first incident on September 15 and none of those have been resolved yet.

Posted on Nov 05 ,07:38

The Philippines reports 500 backyard farms affected by ASF since September

508 Filipino backyard pig farms have been affected by the ASF virus since it was first reported on September 15, announced the Department of Agriculture. 59 pigs were found dead and 5,131 were culled since then. The DA noted nine new ASF outbreaks in the country since the incident on September 15 in Bagong Silangan. None of these have been resolved yet and were marked as “continuing.”
The areas were the outbreaks were reported are located in Quezon City and Pangasinan. Agriculture officials said they are still waiting for the Department of Budget and Management to approve their budget so they can provide financial assistance to concerned hog raisers. They said the farmers can also avail of cash aid from their respective local government units, informs CNN Philippines.
Officials from the Department of Agriculture said the origin of the infection was “unknown”, but mentioned illegal movement of animals, swill feeding and fomites in the form of humans, vehicles and feed as sources.
In Asia, the virus was first reported in China, in August 2018, and by now has affected countries such as Mongolia, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines.


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