The Spanish white-coated pork products are available to more than 4 billion people

The Spanish white-coated pork products are available to approximately 4,000 million people, half of the total world population, according to calculations made by the White-Coated Pork Interprofessional (INTERPORC), based on the population of the countries to which it is exported and its relationship with the consumption of pork products.

Posted on Apr 07 ,00:30

The Spanish white-coated pork products are available to more than 4 billion people

This is a very significant figure that demonstrates the export success of the Spanish white-coated pig sector , which is present in countries in all parts of the world with very diverse populations and with different conditions regarding their diet.

Spain is, since 2021, the second world exporter of pork meat and products, only behind the United States, with close to 3 million tons and a value of more than 8,000 million euros.

In total, Spanish pork meat and products are present in 111 markets, to which must be added the countries of the European Union, which shows, according to Alberto Herranz, director of INTERPORC, "the confidence of the authorities of all these countries in the quality and guarantee of traceability and food safety that our products offer thanks to our production model, the most guaranteed in the world in these matters".

In this sense, Herranz explains that "Spanish pork companies have earned this trust by working hard and well over the last two decades, which has allowed them to establish solid commercial relationships with distributors from all regions of the world".

Internationalization, adds Herranz, "has made the sector very competitive, which has gradually adapted to the demands of consumers around the world and has made a strong commitment to aspects such as professionalism, innovation and research, to always be one step ahead in the demands of the markets and the consumer".

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