The US and Brazil will dispute the Indonesian poultry market


A professor from the Bogor Agriculture University foresees a flood of poultry imports in the country.

Posted on Nov 14 ,10:47

The US and Brazil will dispute the Indonesian poultry market

Some of the worldțs largest producers of poultry will dispute soon the Indonesian market, warns a professor from the Bogor Agriculture University. According to Antara News, professor Bungaran Saragih said that the United States and Brazil will compete over the Indonesian poultry market to respond to a growing demand for chicken meat and eggs.
The demand in the domestic market is expected to grow fast in the next decades as the population of the country may reach 318 million people in 2045.
"The increase in population and income will boost the consumption of chicken and eggs in Indonesia,' said the professor. Last year, per capita consumption of poultry in Indonesia stood at 7.6 kilograms but annual growth of 7% in the coming ten years is expected. Poultry imports in 2018 reached 275,000 tonnes, according to data from the Central Statistic Agency. "With an assumption that the consumption of chicken in Indonesia in 2045 can reach the same level as Malaysia's current consumption, it means that the demand for chicken in Indonesia will reach at least 12 million tonnes per year. In the future, the Indonesian market can be flooded with imported chicken and eggs,", added Bungaran Saragih. In his opinion, an increase in imports may threaten the national poultry industry, who must be supported to compete in the international market.
The perspective of continuous growth of the Indonesian poultry market has also stirred interest in the Netherlands, where a great number of leading Dutch companies and knowledge institutes have teamed up with the purpose to support and enhance the strengthening of the poultry sector. A consortium was created to support Indonesian poultry companies in developing the sectors. The Food Tech Indonesia consortium includes Marel Poultry, Van Aarsen, Trouw Nutrition, Pas Reform, Moba, Mavitec, Kanters, DSM, De Heus and Aeres.

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