The beef market in Poland drops dramatically


In many cases, the prices offered for beef cattle are lower than those obtained for pigs.

Posted on Jul 11 ,06:28

The beef market in Poland drops dramatically

The Polish beef market is under pressure, with prices falling constantly as the EU market is oversupplied and exports to third countries are low, according to Farmer magazine. In addition, the beef sector received a serious threat in the form of a trade agreement with the Mercosur countries, under which the European market would accept almost 100,000 tonnes of South American meat. In many cases, beef prices are now lower than those obtained for pigs.
Currently, the price for bulls in class R is in the range of PLN 10.40 - 11 PLN (€2.35 - €2.50) / kg. However, the rates in Class O amount to 10 - 10.6 PLN (approx. €2.35)/ kg. The worst is the price of males bought in live weight, which oscillates between 5.20 - 7.50 PLN (€1.30 - €1.74)/ kg.
A little less, but the heifers were also cheaper. Currently, the rates offered by bets for class R are 10.80 - 13.20 PLN (€2.40 - €3.10)/ kg, and for the class O 10.60 - 12.40 PLN (€2.40 - €2.89)/ kg. For heifers purchased on a livestock weight, farmers can receive from 5 to 7 PLN (€1.17 - €1.65)/ kg.
The rates also fell for cows, with prices around 10 PLN (€2.33)/kg in abattoirs and live weight prices around 5 PLN (€1.17)/kg. Polish farmers are thinking of initiating protests as a response to the Mercosur trade deal, following the example of Irish farmers that have in front of the Dublin Parliament, denouncing the EU's free trade agreement with the Mercosur countries as well as the EU's two-tier language. "They have imposed environmental restrictions on farmers across Europe and we need to operate in compliance with environmental standards. And suddenly Brussels signs an agreement with a country that ignores all of these rules", commented Hugh Doyle one of the leaders of Beef Plan Movement, referring to Brazil, one of the Mercosur Group countries.

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