Top Butcher Chef contest to be held first time at CARNEXPO Grill 2022


This event, a premiere in the East European market, will take place in Olimp, at Phoenicia Blue View resort at the Black Sea.

Posted on Jan 28 ,12:19

Top Butcher Chef contest to be held first time at CARNEXPO Grill 2022

CARNEXPO Grill, the most important local gastronomic event, organizes, for the first time, the international Top Butcher Chef competition, between May 5-6, 2022 at Phenicia Blue View in Olimp, in order to promote and develop the butchers' guild in Romania.
Top Butcher Chef is the first competition that aims to select the best master butchers, bringing face-to-face teams of professionals from the country and abroad who will go through several competition tests, judged by an international jury, in the fight for the grand trophy: Butcher of Romania.
"Much more than a simple competition, Top Butcher Chef is about the art of learning, sharing and innovating through new meat processing techniques designed to contribute to the specialized development of the meat industry. The concept of Top Butcher Chef aims to create an environment in which Romanian butchers try to overcome the current practice of the industry in its various stages of production: general preparation, meat cutting, exhibition and creative use of beef, pork, sheep and poultry products. Through this competition, we want to build a professional community that will generate business opportunities and supports the general trade to benefit from an infusion of creativity and innovation," said Eugen CAPRA, CEO of CARNEXPO Grill.

Top Butcher Chef will take place in the most awaited gastronomic event in Romania, CARNEXPO Grill 2022, for three hours, and each competing team will have at its disposal half a carcass of beef, half a carcass of pork, a lamb whole and five chicken carcasses, which you will have to turn into value-added products.
The participating teams will be able to provide their own spices, marinades and garnishes to finish the products that will be designed to inspire and exceed the limits. The finished products will then be presented as if they could be marketed in a retail setting. The jury consists of independent referees, selected by the organizers from the most important specialists in the world specialty industry, and will score each team according to technique and skills, workmanship, product innovation, overall finish and presentation.

The first edition of the Top Butcher Chef competition is all the more important as it responds to the current challenges regarding the lack of skilled workers in factories and slaughterhouses in Romania. The current crisis of skilled workers in the meat industry is getting worse every year, becoming a deep global problem. The technical and vocational education system in Romania does not meet the demand on the local labor market. So far, Romania do not have vocational schools in the public educational system to prepare new generations for this industry, in practice vocational training is done at work. "The organization of Top Butcher Chef within CARNEXPO Grill is just the first step we take in collaboration with Agrofood Association, a partnership that aims to establish the first National Butchery Team of Romania and the Professional School of Butchers, social-educational training projects and education of future butchers. In this way, we invite all partners and specialists in the meat industry to join this bold project that brings concrete solutions for the very existence of the butcher business in Romania ", added Eugen Capra.
With over 15 years of experience in promoting the meat and meat products sector in Romania, CARNEXPO Grill specialists are launching new challenges for the meat industry with which it aims to prepare new generations of specialists to ensure the future of the Romanian meat sector.
For more details on enrolling in the first edition of Top Butcher Chef, please contact CARNEXPO Grill representative:
Dorinel NICULAE - 0728086130,

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