Turkey restricts red meat exports


Prices in the domestic market have increased by almost 50% in the last few months, as an effect of the war in Ukraine.

Posted on Apr 06 ,10:09

Turkey restricts red meat exports

Beef, lamb, and goat meat are restricted for export in Turkey, as inflation has soared by 54% in February. As an effect, meat prices in March have spiked by almost 50% in the Turkish market. Turkish suppliers are banned from exporting the meat of bovine animals, sheep and goats, to all countries excluding the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, and the autonomous region of Nakhichevan, informed Cumhuriyet newspaper, citing a circular issued by the Trade Ministry. Currently, a kilo of ground beef cost around $5.60 and analysts are predicting further spikes in meat prices, going up to 30% until mid-summer.
The latest restriction will be in effect until further notice, according to the ministry’s circular. The Russia-Ukraine war has led to rising costs of fertiliser, animal feed and fuel, which are affecting farmers and consumers.

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