UK exported 372,600 tonnes of pig meat in 2022

Exports of pig meat reached 31,100 tonnes for December, this was an 8% (2,351 tonnes) increase when compared to November. When compared year-on-year it marked a 1.6% increase in volume. Total exports for the year of 2022 hit 372,600 tonnes. When compared to 2021 this was a 7% increase, representing 23,000 tonnes.

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UK exported 372,600 tonnes of pig meat in 2022

Looking at total pig meat, the offal category drove the majority of the annual volume uplift, with shipments up 17,000 tonnes (+13%). Elsewhere, bacon saw the largest percentage increase up 63.7% (6,600 tonnes) while processed pig meat also saw increases of 18% (2,395 tonnes).

Our key export trading partners continue to follow themes established across the year, with volumes exported to the EU up 29.5% when compared to 2021. Meanwhile volumes exported to China have declined 14% (21,000 tonnes) across 2022.

Imports of pig meat exceeded 63,500 tonnes in December 2022. This was 10% (6,734 tonnes) down on November and an 8% decrease from December 2021 (5,751 tonnes). Monthly import volumes generally eased as we moved through 2022. Imports of pig meat totalled 801,500 tonnes for 2022. There was a 9% increase in the volume of imports compared to 2021, representing an increase of 69,000 tonnes.

The key product categories seeing growth through 2022 were bacon and sausages. With bacon imports having increased by 18.8% when compared to 2021, meanwhile sausages saw similar growth, up by 22.1% when compared to 2021. Fresh and frozen pork imports remained largely flat year-on-year, with a slight decline in fresh product being largely displaced by an increase in frozen pork. 

UK’s key pig meat suppliers remain the Netherlands and Denmark for 2022, with imports from the Netherlands up 28% (36,800 tonnes). Denmark however saw continued decline in import volumes, down 6% or 11,400 tonnes, a trend of decline that was first established in 2017.

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