UK reestablishes approval model for plants exporting chicken meat from Brazil


The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) welcomed the information released this week by the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the re-establishment, by the health authorities of the United Kingdom, of the qualification of plants through the “pre-listing” model for exports of chicken meat to the country.

Posted on Jul 19 ,00:10

UK reestablishes approval model for plants exporting chicken meat from Brazil

Under the system, all companies that wish to ship chicken meat to the UK market must be approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and no longer by individual qualification missions of establishments carried out by the authorities of the European country. The British missions, from now on, will focus on revalidating the Brazilian inspection system.

“In addition to simplifying the authorization of Brazilian exports to this destination of high added value for Brazilian poultry, the pre-listing system is a demonstration of the high confidence of the UK authorities in the Brazilian inspection system. It is worth highlighting the joint work carried out by the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, the Embassy in London, the Agricultural Attaché and the private sector for this important recognition”, evaluates the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

Between intra- and extra-quota shipments (with higher tariffs), Brazil exported to the United Kingdom around 53.3 thousand tons of chicken meat between January and June this year, generating revenue of US$ 166.3 million. Currently, the UK is one of the fifteen largest importers of the Brazilian poultry product.

“From a marketing point of view, the return to the pre-listing system will potentially allow more Brazilian companies to access what is one of the largest consumer markets in the world, guaranteeing greater access and more marketing options to Brazilian exporters” points out the director of markets from ABPA, Luis Rua.

Another important advance announced was the acceptance by the United Kingdom of the regionalization model for eventual occurrences of Avian Influenza in commercial production in Brazil – remembering that the country continues without any case registered in industrial farms.

Trade relations between poultry meat exporters from Brazil and the United Kingdom have conquered new chapters in 2023. In April, the European country updated the import quota system for the Brazilian product, another result of negotiations carried out by MAPA and MRE with the strategic markets for Brazil. The new quotas were expanded to 96.5 thousand tons per year (increasing by 16.6 thousand tons per year), generating a potential increase of around US$ 60 million in exports.

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