ULMA new FS 400 horizontal flow pack wrapping machine


A stretch shrink film packaging system designed to ensure excellently presented leakproof packs.

Posted on Nov 13 ,10:59

ULMA new FS 400 horizontal flow pack wrapping machine

The FS 400 wrapper uses stretch shrink film which is stretched around the product during the packaging process by a belt-based film stretching system. The wrapper also removes the air from inside the packaging before it is sealed, making it unnecessary to perforate the film before shrinking it. Despite being extremely thin,the sealsused to seal the packaging lengthwise and crosswiseare extremely strong and reliable, which enables printing on both the top and bottom of the packs (360º).

This results in a tightly packed product, preventing any leakage of liquidsand ensuring anoutstanding presentation.

Single advanced control for the whole system

Made from stainless steel, the FS 400 has our very latest HMI, the UPC 4.0, which comes with a number ofadvanced features for interconnected manufacturingwhich, among other things, also allows you to control the shrink wrapping system, so you have asingle control for the whole packaging system.

Simple changes and adjustments

The systemis easy and simple to adjust, thanks to the colour graphic interface provided by the 15” HMI, providing an easy, user-friendly way to alter the machine's parameters,enabling quick recipe changes for different formats.

Designed for intensive cleaning processes

The wrapping machinehas a high degree of protection against waterand it is designed to meet the non-oxidising requirements andease of cleaning and sanitisationrequired in the sector.

Easy to operate and maintain

The wrapper also has useful features designed to improve the operation of the application andfacilitate the work of the operator and maintenance staff: a vertical plate design that reduces maintenance and makes it easier to access the mechanisms, belt-based film stretching, easy-to-load rolls of film, the ability to remove the belts and other components without needing tools, etc.

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