Ukraine targets China as the next poultry export market


Ukraine’s government officials are working with their Chinese counterparts on beginning poultry exports to China, according to Taras Kachka, Ukraine’s deputy economy minister.

Posted on Oct 01 ,07:14

Ukraine targets China as the next poultry export market

Ukraine is looking to open the Chinese market for poultry until the end of the year, according to Taras Kachka, the country’s deputy economy minister. Currently, official inspections are underway and protocols are prepared to be signed, according to Bloomberg.
China is preparing to face a shortage of animal protein in the years to come due to the ASF situation in the country. Even if poultry production in China is expected to increase by 15% in the next couple of years, the volume may not cover the domestic demand so Beijing officials are looking for other suppliers in the market.
MHP, the largest poultry producer in Ukraine said that it is interested in exporting to China but doesn't want to concentrate too much of our supply for just one market. MHP produced about 617,000 tons of poultry in 2018, with the EU, Middle East and Africa counting as major export markets. Asia isn’t currently a major focus of the company because of distance, according to Yuriy Kosyuk, MHP CEO. "Today, they have some deficit. Tomorrow, they will be self-sufficient. We will not concentrate too much of our supply for just one market,", he explained.
In the last four years, Ukraine has doubled its poultry production and moved aggressively in several markets, including the EU, where MHP already owns several subsidiaries. Other acquisitions of poultry producers and processors in Europe and the Middle East are on Mr. Kosyuk's agenda for next year.

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