VIDEO - "The supermarket chains are going back to the roots"

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The Managing Director of KOLBE Foodtec believes that the new trends in meat consumption are going to increase the demand for equipment.

Posted on Mar 26 ,15:30

VIDEO - "The supermarket chains are going back to the roots"

Bandsaws and mincers, that were the ingredients of success in 2017 for the German company Kolbe Foodtec, as Thomas Hagmeier, Managing Director, declared in an interview for EuroMeatNews at Anuga FoodTec 2018.

"2017 was a successful year for us. We have 50/50 share in out turnover brought by bandsaws and mincers. Right now, the Asian market is looking quite well, and so is the UK market before the Brexit, and the Spanish market is rising. If we reach the last year's turnover than it's OK", believes Hagmeier.

The financial results for 2018 could be even more promising since the consumer habits are forcing the retailers to increase the presence of fresh meat products in their shelves and also the demand for new processing equipment in their stores.
"The supermarket chains are going back to the roots, even in Germany. That means they increased their in-house production of fresh meat and fresh products", explained the Managing Director of Kolbe FoodTec.

In his opinion, in the next few years, we will assist to a trend that will consist in resuming to each country particularities in consumption and the development of local specialities for the supermarkets.

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