Vietnam goes into pork deficit zone


20% of the pork consumed in the domestic market must be imported to cover the losses caused by ASF outbreaks.

Posted on Jul 16 ,08:53

Vietnam goes into pork deficit zone

Vietnam will be forced to import 20% of the pork consumed in the domestic market as the African Swine Fever in taking its toll on the national herd of 30 million head.
The country may face a deficit of some 500,000 tonnes of pork, almost 20% of the demand in the period that goes from July 2019 to early 2020, according to the information provided by Viet Nam News, that echoes a report by the consulting firm Ipsos Business Consulting, gathered by the ICEX.
At the beginning of this month, the Ministry of Agriculture informed that the contraction in the national pig herd was of 3 million head, after only 4 months since the disease was first reported.
Since March, the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Poland, and France increased their pork exports in this market, with Spain reporting an increase of 30%, compared to the same period last year. Last year, Spain was reported to hold a 7% market share in the Vietnamese pork market. Frozen edible ofall seems to be one of the best selling products in this market for the Spanish pork exporters, with an increase of 60% (+ €2 million) reported in the last 4 months. Vietnam is the greatest consumer of pork per capita in Southeast Asia, with some 31.3 kg per person and year, and a total annual consumption that exceeds 3 million tonnes.
In spring, FAO and OIE experts have recommended the Vietnamese government to declare the ASF outbreak a national emergency.

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