WEF to focus on dietary changes, sustainable supply chains


Food loss and waste cost the global economy almost $940 billion annually, according to a World Economic Forum (WEF) report.

Posted on Jan 21 ,10:29

WEF to focus on dietary changes, sustainable supply chains

Sustainability and consumption habits are to be two of the most discussed topics at this year's annual meeting of WEF, in Davos. A recent report issued by the organization shows that current unsustainable agricultural practices could lead to the degradation of 95 percent of the world’s land.
Also, dietary changes are necessary for a sustainable world, if we consider that food loss and waste cost the global economy almost $940 billion annually. These challenges can be addressed by a fundamental shift in how food is produced.
A healthier diet, sustainable supply chains, inclusive livelihoods, and efficient production systems are the four paths that can change the food system to respond to both the need of the consumer and the planet. According to the report, these four pathways can help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by around 30 percent of projected global agricultural emissions in 2050. It also mentions that if all the available GHG-efficient production practices were implemented at full scale, the global food system could see cost savings of more than $50 billion annually.
Davos 2020 is also an event that pays attention to alternative proteins, with Nestle presenting at the meeting its latest meat alternatives in one of the days of the forum. For this year, researchers from Innova Market Insights are convinced that the "plant-based revolution" is going to be the second hottest trend in the food market.

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