Poland launches innovative pig breeding project

The "Silesian Fattening" project intends to breed pigs with high nutritional value of meat and a ...

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Bulgaria reports ASF outbreak at an industrial pig farm

This is the first outbreak reported this year, with 24,000 animals culled.

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Chinese banks offer pork for new depositors

To lure clients with 'the most wanted meat' in the market is the latest marketing move applied by...

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China hopes to achieve balance in pork supply and demand

The peak season of meat consumption in China is here and officials are trying to keep the market ...

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Brazilian pork exports are up by 16.2% in 2018

Besides Asian countries, South American neighbors are an important destination for Brazilian pork.

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Bright future for the Mexican pork industry

The production is projected to increase in the following years supporting exports to the United S...

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Weaner prices in Europe are skyrocketing

The average EU weaner price for the first week of December stood at €63.75/head.

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US agricultural exports to China to double in a short time

Under "Phase 1" trade deal, pork exports are expected to boom due to the shortage of pig meat in ...

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"Blitzkrieg" on ASF

Germany has fences, drones, hunters and sniffer dogs ready to fight the disease that threatens th...

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