High costs in halal certification world could impede the expansion of the market

This could affect the growth prognosis for the halal food sector which is supposed to reach $1,86...

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British vets ask clarification on the matter of lamb exported

BVA is calling on the government to urgently clarify whether the lamb exported under the new trad...

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Provacuno announces an increase in the number of Spanish halal slaughterhouses

The Province of Catalonia has seen the biggest development of halal beef businesses in the last 1...

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Belarus signs primary agreement for meat exports to UAE

Five poultry farms and three meat processing factories are to be inspected according to Halal req...

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Russian producer to launch halal smoked sausages

Russian-based Agrosila Group, the largest agricultural holding in the Volga region, has announced...

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Malaysia's dependence on cattle imports is growing

Between 2010 and 2016, Malaysia saw an annual decline of around 2% in its cattle and buffalo popu...

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Philippine exporters need to respond to a new halal scheme

UAE is imposing a more robust halal certification and accreditation for the products delivered in...

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CJEU takes the final decision on the halal slaughterhouses dispute in Belgium

Ritual slaughter without stunning can only take place in approved slaughterhouses and the Flemish...

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Brazil is working hard to keep access to meat products on Saudi Arabia's market

More strictly halal requirement from the Middle East kingdom is threatening Brazil's position as ...

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The Halal Meat workshop starts today at Gulfood 2018

Don't miss one of the biggest events dedicated to the halal meat industry organized by EuroMeatNe...

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